Student Services at Orion Institute (Perrysburg, OH)

Job Opportunity Board (JOB)

Orion Institute does not guarantee employment. A job opportunity board located in the student lounge posts current employment opportunities. This board serves as an essential source of information for students and graduates.


Faculty have scheduled open office hours and host tutoring sessions in classrooms and labs for those students desiring additional academic assistance.

Learning Resource Center

Our Learning Resource Center (LRC) includes books, reference materials, videos, magazines, video viewing equipment, and computers with Internet access. Students who use the computer are required to sign in and out at the front desk. Books can be checked out at the front desk for a period of two weeks. Reference books may be used within the school grounds.
Each student receives access to LIRN®, the Library and Information Resources Network (, which is a consortium of educational institutions which have joined to share access to information resources. The LIRN® collection provides students with over 60 million peer-reviewed and full-text journals, magazines, and newspaper articles, e-books, podcasts, audio, and video resources to support their academic studies from Gale Cengage, ProQuest, EBSCO, CREDO Reference, eLibrary, and more, covering topics for General Education, Business, Medical and other programs. Access information is posted in classrooms and in the LRC.
Students are also notified of a free resource available to all Ohioans called KnowItNow. KnowItNow is a live online information service provided free of charge for the citizens of Ohio by the State Library of Ohio and the Ohio Public Librar


Orion Institute distributes an informative school newsletter to all of its current students each month. The newsletter includes information on upcoming events, academic and school information, continuing education seminars, employment opportunities, massage therapy and bodywork-related news, and our schedule of Community Classes.

Employment Assistance

Career services are provided to assist graduates in obtaining employment in their area of specialization. Career assistance is available to all Orion Institute graduates. Satisfactory completion of program course work and development of positive personal qualities are the student’s first steps in the employment process. Students are notified of career opportunities as they arise. Orion Institute does not guarantee employment or specific wages. However, the school works diligently to provide job leads, refer graduates to interviews, and host on-campus interviews and job fairs.

Student Advising

Students are encouraged to speak with their instructors, the Lead Instructor, or the Director if they are having any problems or have any questions throughout the program. At mid-term of each quarter, if a student is receiving below 75%, the Lead Instructor speaks with him or her about solutions for improving the student’s grade.

Student Lounge

Students are welcome to use our student lounge. It is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave ovens, a vending machine, a toaster, coffee makers, a sink, tables, and chairs.

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