This calculator has been designed to allow you to make early estimates regarding eligibility for need-based financial aid as a student. Based on the information you enter about your family financial situation you will be presented with a sample award with the following caveats:

  • Results are dependent on the accuracy and completeness of the information entered and intended to provide only a general guide to your eligibility for financial aid.
  • Any award is not guaranteed by the Orion Institute, formerly known as the Healing Arts Institute, and is meant to be an indication of the aid you may be eligible to receive. The Orion Institute's Financial Aid Office is the final authority for determining the family contribution and any financial aid award.
  • This is not an application for financial aid. Your information will not be retained or transmitted to the Orion Institute in any way.

What is Net Price?

Net Price is the amount that a student pays to attend an institution in a single academic year AFTER subtracting scholarships and grants the student receives. Scholarships and grants are forms of financial aid that a student does not have to pay back. Typically, the only information available to prospective students and their families is the published tuition and fees – the “sticker price” – to attend that institution each year. But net price gets beyond the sticker price to see how grant and scholarship aid can affect the price students pay to go to a college before taking out any loans. This information will give students and their families a better idea of likely costs so they can make more informed decisions about where to enroll and how much to borrow. The net price doesn’t just include tuition and fees. It also includes estimates for living expenses, books and supplies, and other related expenses that students are likely to incur while pursuing their education.

What is a Net Price Calculator?

A net price calculator is an online application on an college’s or university’s website that allows prospective students to enter information about themselves to find out what students like them paid to attend the institution in the previous year, after considering grants and scholarship aid. While the calculator won’t be able to tell an individual student exactly how much he or she will have to pay to attend that school, it will give students a better idea about how financial aid might affect what a student might actually pay and have to borrow to go to that institution.