Lymph Massage and Understanding Lymphedema

May 7-11, 2018
Time: 9am-6pm Monday -Friday

Lymph Massage - 21 CEs
Understanding Lymphedema - 21 CEs

Orion Institute
340 Three Meadows Dr.
Perrysburg, Ohio

Lymph Massage, Protocol for Detoxification and Minor Pathologies • 21 CE's
In this course you will learn about The Lymphatic System and its relationship to detoxification and chronic health conditions. During this three day training, you will learn Full Body Manual Lymph Drainage to incorporate with ease into your practice. We will discuss the roots of how people develop chronic conditions including on toxicity in the lymphatic system.

Understanding Lymphedema: Working With The Lymphatic System After Cancer Treatment • 21 CE's
This is a continuation of Lymph Massage, Protocol for Detoxification and Minor Pathologies, although it is open to everyone whether you have taken the first class or not. In this class, you will learn what happens when pathways of the lymphatic system have been interrupted and how lymphedema develops. You will learn how to distinguish primary lymphedema from secondary lymphedema.

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About the instructor: Juul Bruin, LMBT, RN

" I worked day to day with Juul Bruin for 7 years. There are some people that are born healers and she is one. Her tools are her formidable hands, heart and intuition. She is sensitive and caring in a warm and committed way. She is gentle and careful in the ways of the traditional archetypal healer. She is patient and thoughtful as only someone with abundant grace can be. You may trust her absolutely." Michael C. Sharp, MD

"I took the Lymph Massage, Protocol for Detoxification and Minor Pathologies with Juul Bruin over the weekend in Wilmington and I must say I am amazed! Juul is such a kind and intuitive instructor who has an obvious passion for manual lymphatic drainage and wants to encourage others to learn such a valuable skill. As a bonus, I went down a pants size and ended up losing almost 10 pounds from all of the bodywork I participated in! (7 of which were still gone the following day). Who knew I was carrying excess fluid in my lower extremities? I feel great, have a glow to my skin, and am inspired to continue reducing the toxins in my body as well as choosing healthier food options to increase my wellness!" Jennifer Collins

NCBTMB Provider# 452061-12

Juul Bruin has a unique blend of experience in the healthcare field, spanning four decades in both traditional and holistic health modalities. A native of the Netherlands, she began her career as a psychiatric and hospice nurse. Upon relocating to the United States, Juul attended the Body Therapy Institute and is a NC Licensed Massage Bodywork Therapist (#630).

She later trained at the renowned Dr. Vodder School in Austria, becoming a LANA Certified Lymphedema Therapist in 2001. Juul is credentialed in the First Line Therapy modality as an integrative health coach by the Functional Medicine Institute. She also has a Masters degree in Holistic Health from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

She enjoys sharing her thirty five year journey in health promotion and beautifully guides her fellow massage therapists toward an enriching, healthy and happy lifestyle.

Lymph Massage - 21 CEs
Understanding Lymphedema - 21 CEs
Regular for taking both classes - $750

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