In this class you will learn techniques and stretches to improve flexibility of the client. You will learn how to reduce muscle tension for greater range of motion and prepare the body for activity. The main concept of AISS is isolation of the muscle and muscle groups for optimal muscle stretching and strengthening. Prevention of injury is also covered in this class.

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Dates: May 24-26, 2018

Times: 9:00 to 6:00pm
Cost: $425, books included
Dress: Loose fit clothing

Improve flexibility
Prevention of injury
Reducing muscle tension
Greater R. O. M.
Preparing a body for activity
Isolate the muscle or muscle groups to stretch

Instructor: Richard A. Velez, L.M.T.

Richard has been using these techniques since 1985 and has had 99% success. Working at Aaron Mattes Rehabilitation clinic in Sarasota, Fl. For nearly a decade using these proven exercises has been a tremendous advantage for him and his clients in helping them help themselves. We must always remember the BIG secret. (Muscles hold Bones.) That’s what this workshop is all about. In this workshop you will learn the benefits of how to effectively use A.I.S.S. to assist yourself and others.

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